Vashon Velvet’s hand crafted, hand trimmed, premium cannabis can be purchased in the following different forms:

Single Gram Bags: Not sure what strain is best for you? Try out our smaller one gram bags. Sometimes the best things do come in small packages.                                
Pre-Rolled Joints: Specially made for the smoker who’s always on the go. Inside each custom made box you’ll find premium cannabis flower bud, broken down in to 5 convenient pre-rolled joints. Discrete, convenient, premium quality- our joints are ready for your next adventure. 
Collector’s Edition Pre-Packaged 4, 6, and 8 grams: Top secret for now. More information coming soon. 

All of our bags are made from hand trimmed bud that is then hand packed and nitrogen sealed.

Nitrogen Sealed Bud is Better Bud

Nitrogen sealing maintains the quality of your marijuana by keeping out oxygen. Improperly packaged marijuana runs the risk of exposure to pests and even mold. Our nitrogen sealed bags help preserve the true flavor and character of each particular strain.